Painting Tips From The Pros

Painting Tips From The Pros!

Interior painting can transform any room. It’s a wonderful way to revive your tired walls, expand your square footage and brighten up your space. Did you know that Intertex Las Vegas performs painting in-house. With a painting license and a bid limit of 1 million dollars, we are able to self-perform most painting projects. Our painting crews are experienced and with guided supervision from both project managers and our paint manager, perform at the highest level. On larger projects we are able to provide color renderings allowing managers and boards to visualize the final product.

Our paint manager has years of experience in the painting industry and hand selects our paint crews that meets their standards and performs to our client’s expectations. Attention to detail coupled with innovative ideas and technology, has ensured many completed projects have exceeded our clients' expectation.

Here are a few favorite tips and tricks to help you create stunning interior color combinations for your home.

For anyone wishing to make a small area appear larger shift into neutrals. Neutral colors are an easy way to open up your floor plan. Try painting your trim and moldings in a lighter color than your walls. By doing this, the walls will appear further back, making your room seem taller. We also suggest choosing a lighter color for the ceiling; this will make the room feel brighter and bigger. However, the darker the color on the ceiling, the lower the ceiling will feel—making the room feel darker and smaller than it really is.

For those of you who want to “wow” your guests, a colored accent wall may be the perfect option for this area; it brings excitement and depth into any room. Try painting the accent wall a dark color and easing into a lighter neutral shade for the rest of the room will make it feel bigger and more spacious by comparison, creating a focal point– this trick can work wonders in a small space. If you’re looking to stay on trend, then think black. Yes, we said, black! It’s sleek, sexy and compliments any theme or color palette. It’s the perfect color to add some drama to your space.

If bold is not what you’re looking for and your space has lots of natural lighting, consider a serene shade of blue. Casual and calming blues can make a room feel peaceful, plus blues look great with global, coastal and modern home decor. We suggest using it for a reading room or a guest bedroom.

We recommend establishing a signature look with your main living area first as it will set the tone for your home and don’t be afraid to have fun. Go ahead get spicy in the kitchen or go bold in the bathroom. Whether you’re looking to cover an outdated room with a fresh color, or fill a dark space with light just remember the best paint color is one that fits the mood or atmosphere you want to create.

For more advice on paint, color selection and home renovations contact us at (702) 463-2800. We specialize in interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. As we move forward in a rather competitive industry, Intertex Las Vegas continues to not only to perform beyond our client’s expectations, we continuously strive to improve and better our services to the clients we serve. We are here to help. Call us to schedule your consultation today.